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Decal Gymnastics Intersquad Frequently asked Questions

What is Intersquad Team?
Decal Gymnastics offers basic competition for Levels 1 through 4 in what we call our INTERSQUAD team.  This league is an in house league with children who take classes in one of our Decal Gymnastics locations. 

Does my child need a special leotard or warm-up?

No, they do not need a special leotard.  They are able to wear any leotard or spandex shorts.  We do ask that they do wear a leotard, but does not have to be a certain one.  When they move up to the YMCA team that is when they will be required to purchase a leotard and warm-up suit. 

Is there any cost involved?
Yes, when they come to a meet, they pay a fee per event that they compete on.  The fees are $4.00 per event or $15.00 for all 4 events or the All Around.  The final meet of the season cost $40.00 or $12.00 per event.

Will my child win any awards?
Yes, every child that comes and competes will automatically win a ribbon on whatever piece of equipment that they compete on.  If they compete on all 4 pieces of equipment, they will win a 5th ribbon for the All Around.  Ribbons are based on scores that they get on each piece of equipment.  Ribbons are given out as follows:
                                                                10.0 – 9.0            -              Blue Ribbon
                                                                8.9 – 8.5               -              Red Ribbon
                                                                8.4 – 8.0              -              White Ribbon
                                                                7.9 – 7.5               -              Yellow Ribbon
                                                                7.4 – 7.0               -              Green Ribbon
                                                                6.9 – 6.5               -              Purple Ribbon
                                                                6.4 – 0                   -              Pink Ribbon
All Around Ribbons are as follows:
                                                                40.0 – 36.0          -              Blue Ribbon
                                                                35.9 – 34.0          -              Red Ribbon
                                                                33.9 – 32.0          -              White Ribbon
                                                                31.9 – 30.0          -              Yellow Ribbon
                                                                29.9 – 28.0          -              Green Ribbon
                                                                27.9 – 26.0          -              Purple Ribbon
                                                                25.9 – 0                -              Pink Ribbon

The Intersquad Team is an introduction to competition, but without the pressure.  It’s a fun environment where they will automatically get ribbons, but also know that if they improve on skills, their scores will improve as well as their ribbons.  If they compete on all 4 pieces of equipment, they will leave with 5 ribbons.  The places will be based on their scores, so in essence they are just competing against themselves.  The final meet, medals and trophies are given. 

What is the YMCA or USA Team?
Decal Gymnastics competes in the YMCA Gymnastics League as well as the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program.  These competitions are against other YMCA and USA clubs in the State.  The competition is tougher in these leagues as the awards are based on who has the highest scores and generally 6 places are given so there are some gymnasts who will not get an award. 

How will I know if my child is ready for the YMCA or USA Team?
YMCA and USA Team are by invitation only.  Before the summer, an instructor will talk to you about if you are interested in competing in these leagues. 

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